Services include

Cleanouts / removal of fracturing & produced sand, scale and wax
Cementing, acidizing & stimulation fluid placement
Drilling & underbalanced drilling in vertical and horizontal wells
Milling, fishing, scraping & reaming
Velocity string installation, steel & composite
Logging & perforating
Setting and pulling of plugs
Placements & retrieval of production plugs packers & retainers

N2 Shocking


Real Time Data
MEDCO System which includes real time monitoring of:
string weight
circulation/well head pressure
flow rate/flow total

Coil depth

60.3 mm 6800m
50.8 mm 7500m
444.5mm 7500m
438.1mm 5000m
31.8mm 5000m
25.4mm 4000m
Up to 120K Push/ Pull injectors
10K Iron

TOM- Laser diameter measuring tool
TAS-Tubing analysis system to measure stress, fluid ,unloading kill fluids
FACT- fatigue analysis
DART- Data Acquisition and Real Time processing